What’s Out There….Really?

This is an opinion piece and  a bit of chewing gum for the mind… a break from politics and violence.
Your opinion is always welcome. 

The Pentagon is nearing a deadline.  America’s military has been ordered by our elected representatives to issue information about UFO’s… those “things” observed going at fantastic speeds, and cutting turns that would rip apart anything man could manufacture. 
We could be on the eve of information only surpassed by The Resurrection Of Christ.  Or…we might be in for the biggest let-down since…well…a lot of things, including Geraldo’s safecracking, New Coke,  and Pepsi Clear.  

There’s lots of speculation.  I have some ideas on what our Pentagon will say, and even more on what you likely will not hear. 

Number one on my list:  Nothing much.   Military leaders might ‘fess-up and admit that they’re as stumped as the rest of us.   Radar has tracked objects that dropped from the staggering altitude of 80 thousand feet to the sea in seconds.   Such a drop far exceeds our equipment limit even with Pirelli P Zero tires..and human survivability margins.   And the right and left hand turns are so abrupt they would leave pilots’ eyeballs plastered to the wall.  It might be that, even though we cannot ignore them, we are stumped as to what they are.

Number two on the countdown:  Somebody has developed technology that could make it appear there are unidentified objects.   I can’t think of a better way to confuse a military opponent.   But this theory has one huge hole.  It might be possible to generate those illusions now… but….hold on…this begs the question:

How were similar illusions created decades before.. from our fliers in World War II…fliers who called them “foo fighters”

The big number three:  It’s simple… our military has a pretty good idea these are craft from somewhere else.  But, what are they doing here?   Just going around the block for a spin?   Or are they exploring?  Or, are they looking at other possibilities for our planet..such as settlements?
Let’s take that last one first.  The presumption is that there is some intelligence on board the craft.   We have computers that can operate vending machines and coffee makers with some reliability.  And we can go for trips to the moon and near space.  Drones and machines go long distances for us.  If explorers from another spot on our 3-D map wanted to check us out, why not send a drone.  If they are nearby, say.. 10 light years that would be the distance covered by something moving at roughly 186,000 miles per second for ten years.   Talk about a lot of pee stops!  So why not send unoccupied craft, and wait a while for results. 

I believe it was Stephen Hawking who suggested that we should not initiate contact with other civilizations.  They might not share our higher moral norms…little things like not eating each other, or taking what is not yours, or even taking your hat off in an elevator.
Or, these beings watched CNN and Fox, and Russel Biven (before he split)  and Lori Tucker…they observed our planet…and how we treat each other… and decided to go on to the next interplanetary Stuckey’s for apraline shake. 

One idea you might want to consider:  The possibility that these sightings have occurred since Biblical times.  Ezekiel clearly describes some kind of occupied craft.  Read the Book and you will understand what I’m describing.   I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on anybody in government making the case for good versus evil phenomena across the planet.  

And, there is this possibility:  The Pentagon leadership could be deeply divided on the theory of the nature of UFO’s and will say-so.     Maybe The Navy sees them as intelligent occupied craft, while the Air Force maintains they are simply unexplained natural occurrences, while The Army believes them to be some kind of cloaking device or a  replacement for the Humvee. 
And this “long awaited” (banned phrase on my script list) report could wind up being a multiple choice question for you, rather than a revelation.  


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