A Pinnacle Of Pizza Perfection

Pizza Palace is on Magnolia Avenue in East Knoxville. It’s a drive-in, or take out place that’s served this area for a long time.
I know the pizza is terrific, but the spaghetti at this place is a tight second place. Now, the least kept secret in Knoxville dining.. Pizza Palace will soon be featured on national television.

Load the car… and follow these directions.
The Place is on Magnolia Avenue, close to the southwest corner of Chilhowee Park. There is no dine-in. I am not sure the neon sign has changed for decades. This is the sign at your target destination for a galaxy of garlic and an oasis of oregano

Iconic Sign Image From VisitKnoxville.com

There are a couple of ways to get there. From Downtown Knoxville, turn east on Magnolia Avenue, and as you approach the Park, watch for the drive-in on your right.
From Interstate 40, Exit Rutledge Pike, and take the westbound lanes of Rutledge Pike, as if you were going to Zoo Knoxville. As you go past Chilhowee Park,… watch for Pizza Palace on your left. Bring some paper towels- it’s that good!

There was another great eatery less than a block away. But it’s been gone nearly a lifetime.

The Tic-Toc was across the intersection to the “5th Avenue Gate” of Chilhowee Park. It had great BBQ, and inside dining as well as a drive-in.

Inside The Tic-Toc, the tables had individual juke box controls, so you could drop a coin and order up a song without having to leave the table. I have memories of tagging along with my parents and their friends after Burlington Lodge meetings. They would dine, and talk and laugh…and enjoy each other’s company.

I remember the laughter most of all.


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