I’m over being criticized for posting factual information on coronavirus. I’ve really tried to make sure each story in which I provide a link is accurate. School, meeting, public event closures and changes are met with complaints that they are not necessary. Anecdotal evidence of covid cases or the impact of them are often criticized as disinformation from a liberal-leaning media. Most disturbing is the basic lack of respect indicated by people who steadfastly refuse to wear a mask…such a simple, cheap, and effective way to keep fine molecules from you…getting to the next person.Some brief explanations are in order:This is not a media cabal to help take over the nation. Covid is about to take over, and the health professionals we have hired to protect us, are doing their best. There might be blunders, and indications we hired the wrong people, but they are trying. Unfortunately, in this battle there are no participation rules. On the media- I am afraid most networks have liberal leaning management, producers, and editors. Some more than others. I believe the truth is somewhere between what the -commentators- on CNN say, and the -commenators- on Fox News have to say. Please notice I said commentators…show hosts who have an agenda and set out to prove it. We must look at those programs for what they are. So far as hard news is concerned, you have to learn the objective portions of a correspondent’s report. Take care to note facts, times, dates, and the comments of those interviewed. Too often, reporters will pick someone to interview …and raise the verity of their comments to the level of some expert on the topic being reported on. Yes, this takes work, but soon anyone can develop a sense of credibility when persons of standing in their field are interviewed, facts are correctly presented, and … a sense of when a news story just doesn’t ‘smell right’.I’ve tried to report on the covid virus without somehow twisting it into a political, anti Trump screed each time. And, according to some of you, I missed the mark. So, because I am very tired of having my objectivity called into question over basic facts on covid, and because some readers believe I am part of a weird cabal promoting something-or-other that has to do with a world-wide conspiracy, and because folks bull headedly insist I’m printing disinformation….You’re on your own. Do your own research. And I will give in. Since even the number of the sick can be disputed…I’ll only report the dead. I still think somebody needs to speak for them.



  1. This whole thing is just confounding. I have a family in the medical profession. Dealing with this day after day after day. I know it is real, I know it is serious. Yet, I get frustrated at times with the data. I trust the basics are right, but I wonder why the “probable” aren’t clarified within a day or two. The way the data classification has to be revised/clarified. The CDC is the agency that deals with, and always has dealt with, data. That is one of their primary jobs; collect, analyze and accurately/honestly report data. The recent attempt by KCHD to become in charge of the region (it has been withdrawn, I know) for the pandemic is troublesome. I don’t actually think they are trying to be the “boss of us country counties”, but the fact that it was brought up gives the appearance that there is another goal in the mix, and we don’t need any more doubts out there.
    I’m wearing a mask when out, I social distance on those rare occasions when I need to. I’ll get the vaccine. But, I’m like so many others, I am weary, I am probably depressed, but I am also thankful that God is in charge and He will see us all through this.


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