A matter of courtesy and caution..

Please put me…on the bottom of your prayer list.
I have managed to dodge several doctor appointments by scheduling tele-visits, and organizing blood draws into one location.
But I can’t dodge Thursday morning’s appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.
I collapsed September 20th, and managed to cause a compound fracture of both lower left leg bones. I see the surgeon who screwed a rod to my knee and ankle. (I think this is my scheduled oil change and alignment appointment.)
The first month was easy- the rehab facility had me under quarantine, and I never left the room.
After that, it was home, and staying there. My three kids are extremely protectful. Kroger and Food City curbside has kept The Missus at a distance from crowds.
Before I fell, from March to
September 20th, I was careful. Now, with Tennessee ranking in the top three Covid numbers, I’m even more concerned and careful.
If you scroll through the Facebook
Pages, it won’t take long to find someone asking for prayer for a
loved one who is either fighting, or sadly succumbed to Covid. I’m
doing what I can to try and keep out of those two categories.
Here are some recommendations-
Be respectful of others. Wearing a mask has become a common courtesy to others.
Manage your exposure, mitigate your risks.
Wash your hands.
And, I know it’s the party season, but consider other ways to celebrate.
Sadly, the same goes for religious gatherings.
To some, those precautions might sound unreasonable, or even some kind of violation of civil rights. It’s really a matter of civil responsibility. It is not a political
act. This stuff doesn’t care who you are
I’m in a protected species. Older. Diabetic. Cancer survivor. Recent serious illness or injury.
I’m lucky to have family members who are healthy and helpful.
And I’m cautious….careful… and asking for your prayers, and your help.


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